Chris grew up fishing and boating and now enjoys doing them both with his 3 active kids. If its on the water Chris has or is willing to do it. So if you have a personal submarine let's be friends. Love writing about our adventures in hopes your family can better enjoy their time on the water

buying boats at a boat show

Should I Buy My Boat at a Boat Show?

Boat show events are a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts, share experiences and, of course, to take a look at what manufacturers and brokers are selling. While visiting a boat show just because of the social aspect is perfectly fine, many people go there with a different idea – they want to get a…

how to pick a boat ramp

How To Pick A Boat Ramp

Regardless if you are a new or experienced boat owner, you have to learn some of the most important things to look out for when selecting a boat ramp. Believe it or not, selecting a proper boat ramp may make a major difference in your lake experience. Making the wrong choice can give you some…