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What Do Colors On Buoys Mean?

Buoys are essential because they are the warning signs and stop light signals of the water. They communicate messages to captains and boat operators from a distance. Imagine if the highways and roads had no signs, signals, or traffic lights. Buoys are signs that are universal and recognized globally.  Buoys are extremely important and have…


Spotlight on Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake is a wonderful serpentine lake set on the infamous Brazos River where North Texas meets West Texas. With spectacular geography and geology, wild history, amazing waterfront homes and seemingly endless miles of fun, “PK” is truly a remarkable place. Possum Kingdom Lake has long been a favorite weekend destination from the Dallas…


Spotlight on Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is a natural wonderland. Formed some untold hundreds of years ago by a massive logjam on the Texas-Louisiana state line, it is often referred to as the “only natural lake in Texas”. It has been impounded by a man-made dam for about 100 years, but one thing is sure – Caddo Lake is…


Spotlight on Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma lies on the Oklahoma/Texas state line, and is a major lake for tourism and outdoorsmen, drawing millions of visitors every year. With over 550 miles of shoreline, there is a lot of natural beauty, wide open water, hidden coves and endless amenities such as marinas, boat ramps and waterfront restaurants. It really does…


Best Campers in 2022

What people want in a camper that will fit their needs and wants covers a broad range of features. This article focuses on campers, not motorhomes. Recreation Vehicle, or RV, covers all terms including motorhomes, camper trailers, popups, etc. RV is used to describe all of these vehicles. A camper trailer is a trailer pulled…


Memorial Day On The Lake

Memorial Day weekend is one of the most popular times to be on any lake, right up there with Independence Day and Labor Day. It’s the unofficial kickoff of the summer lake season, it’s a long holiday weekend, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be crowded. It can be amazingly fun, but it can also…