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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand: Celestial Splendor and Enchanting Maori Tales

Lake Tekapo entices travelers with promises of celestial wonder and cultural intrigue. The lake is renowned for its unrivaled stargazing opportunities against a backdrop of pristine beauty. Beyond the shimmering night skies lies a rich tapestry of Maori legends and traditions, weaving tales of spiritual significance and cultural heritage into the fabric of this enchanting…


The Saranac Lakes: New York State’s Tranquil Triad

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Saranac Lakes are also called the Tri-Lake Region. The Adirondacks, where the Saranac Lakes lie, are noted for their boundless wilderness. Boundless wildernesses attract artists and photographers, conservationists and environmentalists, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and solitude seekers. The Saranac Lakes offer nature lovers the ultimate indulgence.  Why the Fascination with…


What Happened to Fucine Lake?

Historians traditionally accept that the establishment of Ancient Rome is 753 B.C. beside the River Tiber. Others accept circa 625 B.C. Emperor Claudius built a series of canals and tunnels from 41 to 52 B.C. that linked Fucine Lake to the Liris River. This lake has an extensive and engaging history. This article will highlight…


Fascinating Underwater Ghost Towns

People are captivated by drowned towns under lakes. Scuba divers live to explore these watery ghost towns and communities. Sometimes, we can find enough historical documentation that makes for an interesting story.  We have a few underwater ghost towns to talk about with some fascinating historical facts. Underwater communities turn into artificial reefs and habitats…