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Spotlight on Lake Fork

Lake Fork is absolutely legendary in the bass fishing world. Every year, Lake Fork routinely is responsible for the majority of the biggest largemouth bass that have been recorded in the state of Texas. Host to tournaments every single week all year round – including Bassmaster tournaments at the highest level – it has some…


The Largest Lake In The World

Lakes have been used for thousands of years for travel, commerce, and in recent centuries for recreation. From commercial fishing to shipping, modern industry and power generation, lakes large and small have benefitted us the world over. The largest lakes take on a life of their own, creating an ocean-like atmosphere with large sustainable fisheries…


What Benefits Do Lakes Have?

The colors red, yellow, and orange evoke emotions like love, passion, happiness, and anger. People associate the colors of large bodies of water with diverse hues of blue and green. The color blue evokes feelings of calmness or serenity, with descriptions of peace, tranquility, security, and order. Green hues arouse emotions like safety and also envy,…


Ghost Towns Under 5 Lakes

Many towns on the American frontier were built on rivers, which provided a waterway for boating travel, freshwater for people and livestock, and even power for milling operations. Coincidentally, when we started building lakes in the 20th century for both water and power, they had to be built in river valleys in order to fill…