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Lake Mead Water Level

Lake Mead in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas on the east, is the result of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. A historic drought plaguing the western U.S. states has transformed Lake Mead into a depressing illustration of its former beauty. The drought has affected the entire Colorado River basin that covers Arizona,…


Why Do People Live By Lakes?

People live by lakes for diverse reasons. Two obvious reasons are situational, and other reasons people live by lakes are contingent on economics, availability of essential resources, a need for a certain type of job or education, and lifestyle choices. Where people prefer to live can also change throughout their lifetimes.    Situational reasons why…


Spotlight on Percy Priest Lake

J. Percy Priest Reservoir, more commonly called “Percy Priest Lake”, is the outdoors playground for Nashville, Tennessee. Named for the U.S. Congressman that represented Nashville in the mid-1900s, it is the go-to weekend destination for boating, fishing, hiking, restaurants and fun in “Nash-Vegas”. Explore Percy Priest Lake in Detail For more information, news, events, trip…


Defining A Lake

What makes a lake a lake, really? At LakeHub we have featured lakes that are measured in acres, and lakes that are measured in hundreds of thousands of square miles. But they’re both lakes – how can that be? What Defines A Lake? The simplest definition of a lake as this: a large body of…


Spotlight on Lake Fork

Lake Fork is absolutely legendary in the bass fishing world. Every year, Lake Fork routinely is responsible for the majority of the biggest largemouth bass that have been recorded in the state of Texas. Host to tournaments every single week all year round – including Bassmaster tournaments at the highest level – it has some…