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Best Knife for Hunting

A handy knife might seem like a simple decision, but there may be more to it than you consider. Knives are the pretty much mandatory for anyone who loves the outdoors, as they will always come in handy when you are trying to open something, work with various materials, set up camp, etc. The one…


Best Binoculars for Hunting

Whether you’re into hunting deer, ducks, turkey or any other critter, it is difficult to be a successful hunter without owning a pair of good binoculars. While some inexperienced hunters think that their rifle’s scope is enough when it comes to scouting, we assure you that nothing beats good hunting binoculars – regardless if you…


Deer Season In Full Swing

The leaves are dropping and the mornings have that familiar chill in the air, which means for a lot of hunters that deer season is in full swing. Across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee, hunters are hitting woods and fields in the dark to try and chase that monster buck. For deer hunters, it’s…


How To Use Texas Drawn Hunts

It’s summer time, which means that in between trips to the lake it’s time to start plotting your hunting season. There are many ways to hunt in Texas, whether private land or public land, free to paid leases or guided hunts. Texas Drawn Hunts opened up recently, and they’re a great way to access valuable…